Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kayrin's Ice-Cream Obsession

Kayrin is just mad over ice-cream now. A trip to Petronas to fill up the S40 isn't complete until she gets her Nestle Doraemon ice-cream, which incidentally costs an atrocious 3 ringgit for a mere half cup. The remaining half of the cup is dedicated as space for a Doraemon toy.
A trip to Giant, Tesco or Carrefour won't end till we pick up a box of mini-Cornettos or some 1-liter tub.
I had an inkling how much ice-cream occupies Kayrin's thoughts on Sunday, July 23. Shaw Feng was breaking his half-boiled eggs for breakfast at a Puchong restaurant and was showing Kayrin the egg white stuck to the insides of the egg shell.
"It looks just like ice-cream,'' Kayrin said.

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