Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Best Compliment

Kayrin has gotten very clingy and weepy these days, especially in the mornings when I'm about to go to work. It gets very exasperating but I've been happy to note that I've kept my patience.
There are rewards of having a kid, though. The sound of laughter from Kayrin as I play hide and seek with her, the squeals of surprise as I pounce on her all are priceless. Also, no one pays you the kind of compliment your kid does!
Yesterday evening, Kayrin was sitting on her bed, flipping through her big book of 20th Century Children's Book Treasury, when she stated her demand for the day.

Kayrin: I want a new mommy.
me: Oh, and where are you going to find one? What are you doing with her?
Kayrin: I want a new mommy who looks like you and don't go to work.

That was so touching. It tugs at my heart strings that this little yet-to-be-four kid already knows what it's like to miss mommy.
When you grow up, my little darling, you may understand mommy's predicament. Mommy gives us the lifestyle we have, with God's grace, of course. And hopefully I'm a better mommy because I go to work.

Mommy doesn't love you any less for going to work.

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