Thursday, April 12, 2007


This wasn't a good day to start with. Shaw Feng reminds me to think of the pay cheque when things get bad at work. I enjoy dressing up so I guess that's where this job comes in fine..a chance to dress up to come to KLCC. I recall the time when SF brought me to The Weld in 1994, before he left for Australia, and being terribly awed by how the ladies dress for work. Never seen those power dressing or the smart garbs among the 'factory' crowd in Butterworth, even though a few stood out. I shall learn to live in the present. Enjoy each day. I could be looking back, if I get so lucky, at this period and wondered why I had not savoured every moment.

But it is so hard some days.
On moments like this
I just want to stay for a while
With no goodbyes to say.
And yet have the strength to walk away
with a wave and a smile.
And nary a care for
what lies beyond today.

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