Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Secret Date

A month ago, to the day, Shaw Feng and I went out on a date. No kidding! Just him and me. Leaving Kayrin at home with her "mah mah", we both pretended to be heading to work. What a way to steal some time together. We had breakfast at our hangout of years, chue yoke fun (pork noodles) at Kuchai Lama, then decided we're going for our first movie together in four years! We picked Hannibal Rising at Mid-Valley. The movie was a disappointment but at 11 a.m. on April 13, a Friday, we had only 2 other couples in the cinema. One couple was an aunty and uncle who looked like they are in their 50s or more.
The weirdest part was when we wanted to look around and window shop, we both went our separate ways for a while. Habits of the past four years, of having to shop on our own as the other minds Kayrin. How very odd!
All in, it was a wonderful day. And when I was feeling guilty, Shaw Feng was sweet enough to remind me I dedicate my weekends to Kayrin.

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