Friday, September 21, 2007


I love the anticipation of weekends! The thought of waking up a little bit later than the usual 6 a.m., the family breakfast of roti canai (if Kayrin gets her way), the going to one of the hypermarkets to do our weekly grocery shopping. But most of all, on Fridays, I start thinking ambitious. That means I think I'll get around to bringing Kayrin to the pool, play with her at the playground and spend meaningful time with her.

These days, what happens weekends are the struggle to get her to eat her meals at a faster rate. Yes, anything but the motion we go through to get her to chew, chew and swallow!

But it's Friday now, so I fret not.
A kiss on my daughter's head,
Another whiff of her baby smell
Makes me swim in happy thoughts;
And I thank God
for the hands I hold
Keeps me safe, makes my heart swell
Love is what makes it all worthwhile.

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