Sunday, April 27, 2008


The things we get on the Internet are amazing. Now we know who's friends of who, who's travelled the world, who's playing what games. You may like Facebook, others vote for Blogger, or Google. What's the one thing on the Web that make you say: Thank goodness someone invented that? Tell me! I say today that I'm simply happy to have..ta-dah..YouTube!
I go there and find videos of songs, listen to them about a dozen times, and if I like what's on offer, then go in search of the CD. That means asking Shaw Feng to get them for me.
It's wonderful what I've discovered. There's R.E.M.'s At My Most Beautiful. Sure to put some warmth in the cockles of your heart when you see the video.

On another note, this is being recorded for propensity, of course..
Shaw Feng, who when leaving a hotel room to check out, will scan the room thoroughly, flap the duvet, peer into the safe-deposit box, this time walked out of his Hanoi hotel room with his notebook left on the writing table! So untypical of him. Guess a month of working on a bid non-stop is taking its toll on him. Poor fella. Thank goodness he's back for some TLC now. The usual nagging from me at home and the normal dinner-time rows with Kayrin ;)

And Kayrin, this morning, upon seeing me cuddle up to Shaw Feng in bed before I go through my motions of getting ready for work (on a Sunday, ugh), started to protest. Then she caught herself.
"Oh, OK, you can make baby."

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