Monday, May 03, 2010


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I had my first watch when I was about nine. Pa bought me the metal-strapped, gold-faced watch from Island Emporium in Penang. I'd have to wind it before wearing it everyday. It came in a little red PVC pouch. Since then, I've moved on to Orient during my university days, to Swatch after SF bought me my Scuba colourful one. Then, there's the Tag Heuer SF got for our wedding. And the IWC Schaffhausen SF got me in 2008. Goes to show I haven't bought one for myself in ages. This list just goes to show who shops for watches for the family, doesn't it?

But over the weekend, I got a Casio. For all of 35 ringgit. And it feels easy wearing this. I don't hesitate when I plunge my hand into the handbag. Not that I don't appreciate watches SF bought me. It's just exactly that. They are special to me. So special that it's always with trepidation when I wear them out the first few months. I don't want them scratched on the surface, don't want them wet when I wash my hands for the zillionth time.

This first watch I bought myself in years, well, it's OK if I scratch the plastics a bit ;) Best of all, with the onset of presbyopia, the print is B-I-G enough to see!

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