Friday, June 09, 2006


My jottings will always start with "One evening," I realize, because that's when I give Kayrin my attention, for all of one hour or less.

And so, one evening two days ago, Kayrin decided to bring a tub of Vaseline to her bedside. Daddy raised his eyebrows at her when he saw her sticking her fingers in. (It's Vaseline mommy uses as lip gloss, really.)

"My lips are cracked," Kayrin said, pouting her lips and pointing to them, for daddy's benefit. "I need to put lip gloss on my lips."

There goes my lip gloss. The following night, it was experimenting with mommy's Clarins shaping facial lift cream.

"What are you doing with mommy's stuff??" I asked, frantically trying to pry her little fingers off the pump.

"My face is cracked and I need cream."

That's my baby growing up fast.

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