Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A very big milestone took place on Aug. 4, 2006. That Friday, Kayrin, Ivan, ma and I made our way to Dr. Loo & Foo's clinic. It was Kayrin's second visit to the dentist's chair. The big step was that she allowed Dr. Foo to clean her whole set of teeth! The last time, in February, she would only have four front teeth cleaned before she declared she had enough.
And so on Friday morning, she climbed onto the dentist's big blue chair after Ivan had his last fillings of teeth (the fourth or fifth visit for him!).
As soon as Kayrin got onto the chair, she looked up at Dr. Foo pleadingly and said:
"Please don't pull my teeth."
Dr. Foo took it all in his stride and asked if Kayrin would like to have her teeth brushed instead, and to that, she said a definite "yes."
So it went on for about 15 minutes, I guess. Seems to take longer than that because I was more anxious than I'd expected. After the first rinse, Kayrin said she didn't want anymore. But Dr. Foo managed to persuade her to sit down for "a bit more." And hooray, she did. So proud of her!
And Ivan, ever the curious one, asked Dr. Foo for his age. It's 46.

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