Monday, October 02, 2006


My two-week holiday culminated with a drama at home -- Kayrin trapped in the study yesterday.
Jack was giving me a haircut in the backyard, Shaw Feng had slipped out to buy food and Wati was with Kayrin in the study when the cheeky one decided to shut the door and press the button on the knob when Wati walked out.
The next thing I remember was Kayrin saying "Let me out, let me out," and my rushing into the house with the cape around my neck and my hair in clips.
The room keys didn't work. Thank goodness for the Internet. A search on Google for the Malaysian phone directory got me there, and another search on "Locksmith Puchong" on the Yellow Pages got me a number. Another call and I got through to a locksmith on a date in Subang Jaya. The locksmith arrived at our house with the girlfriend in tow. After a few tries, he said the lock was jammed, so he broke the lock.
Amid all this, Kayrin played calmly with her little kitchenette in the study after giving up on our pleadings to "turn the knob". She even helped by tugging a water pipe Shaw Feng had slipped under the door, and she pulled the pipe over the knob, slipped the end through the door again to Shaw Feng. All that failed to work. At one point before the locksmith arrived, she declared she needed to poo-poo. Thank goodness her old red potty (and thank goodness she doesn't use some fancy potty) just managed to get through the grill at the windows!
Ah Wah the locksmith got her out at about 7.30 p.m., two hours after her ordeal started, and he had the distinction of being the first into the room that was stinking because of her poo! She didn't cry at all in the room, to her credit. This whole episode reminds me of Woan and Lyan being trapped in the bedroom in the Taman Hajjah Halimah house in Baling as well. They must have been aged three plus too. Pa had to use the car-jack to widen the window steel bars and get me in to unlock the door.

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