Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seven Weeks

Seven weeks and counting! ;) This is wonderful news. I'm less shocked compared to the first round, when we're expecting Kayrin. But it still takes quite a while for things to sink in. I bought the test kit on Aug. 10, and did the test that evening, showing Kayrin too.
Fast forward to this week, where we spent the beginning of the week in Singapore, and Kayrin is so psyched into being the big sister that she refused to be addressed as "baby" anymore!
"Don't call me baby. I'm a cher-cher," she said.
And yesterday evening, seeing me get ready for my shower, she told me, "Hold baby tight, don't let her fall out of your stomach."
This morning at the gym, I got on the weighing scale: 50 kg.
That's a 2 kg increase from about 2 weeks ago. Better slow down my food consumption. I now eat to mask the metallic taste whereas during the first pregnancy, I avoided food in the first trimester because of the taste.

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