Monday, July 30, 2007

Go Figure!

Kayrin had read exactly those words, the title of a cheesy Disney film, when the words came on at the start. I was stunned! She left shortly after the movie started, to go upstairs with daddy. I stayed on and watched it, about a teenager wanting to be a world-class ice skater.
Back to reading. Kayrin has been reading for a few months now. She can differentiate between "on" and "no." Makes me so proud.
She's also wanting to learn the meaning of some words. Yesterday, it was "honeymoon," because daddy said those photos she was looking at were photos 0f mommy and daddy honeymooning at Pangkor Laut Resort.
Here's how the conversation went..
Kayrin: What's honeymoon?
Me: It's a period where people think they've found someone they love, and that it's a perfect world. It is, for a while. So that's why, when people say honeymoon period, it means people are happy and not hit by reality yet.
Kayrin: Is there any honey?

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