Friday, January 29, 2010


Things aren't so smooth for Kayrin at school after all. After a good first week, it has degenerated into a nightmarish second and third week, with tantrums that led to her being spanked by daddy and me. May be being absent for two days, when she had a cold and cough, triggered it. She then became weepy over the thought of going to school. She'd go to bed crying, wake up weeping, return home unhappy. She'd tell the maid she doesn't want to go to school. I daren't even ask that of my parents, that I didn't want to go to school, if it was OK by them.
What have I done wrong in her upbringing? SF, time and again, reminded me that I'm responsible for any wayward behaviour down the road because I am too lax with her now. But she's now so very adamant about having her own way, so what have I done wrong in the past? Left the MIL to manage her? I've taken to driving her to school for a week now. The crying has lessened but hasn't stopped. That and the battling of traffic to get to work before a daily morning conference call and the mad hustle to get home to bathe and feed her has totally drained me. I feel a failure of a parent. I dare not push her at school now but I have no compassion for a wimp. I can't stand clingy behaviour. But that's my child. I'm plain exhausted. I know not what to do with her, for her.


Pearl said...
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TM said...

Hi! My name's Thema and my girls study at Sri Sedaya too. Came across your blog as I was surfing the net. I hope your daughter has adjusted to the school. My girls are in Std 5 and 6 this year. The first year is always a challenge. Take care, stay strong and have a nice day!

Jane Lee said...

hello Thelma,
Thank you for writing and for the words of encouragement. The good thing is, Kayrin now likes school and loves her friends there. There are still days when she gets up in the morningg and declare herself unfit for school but once she's home from school, it's with a whole load of exciting stories for mommy ;) All the best!