Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Being in the 30's can be quite fun most days. Being in my 30's means I have garnered the confidence to wear what I like, made enough money to allow some frivolous shopping and at the same time, realized that some `wants' can easily fade from my memory once the bags, shoes or clothes I deemed necessary are out of sight.
I've also turned milder, less inclined to want to fight for everything but taking it more seriously that I recycle, save water, keep the air clean. Because I'm leaving this world for people I love, including my darling Kayrin.
But wait. I've now also garnered enough insight into people and seen enough
to be paranoid over young giggly girls fawning all over, mmm, who else, the other half.
It gets pretty irritating because I know what it's like, having been there. Young ladies love having men pay them attention, even if the remarks are laced with sarcasm and sweet criticisms.
How can it be that a confident lady in her 30's go through such insecurities, I ask! Maddening, indeed.
May be it's because at 30's and beyond, no one hardly gives the ladies in this age category a second look. Men, on the other hand, garner more side glances when they're in their prime, the 30's.
For all the confidence I declare I have, may be I'm less sure about myself than I was in my 20's. How ironic.
No, that can't be! That isn't me. I will not let it go that way. With Kayrin and Shaw Feng, I'll celebrate life every day.

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