Monday, March 26, 2007

Too Much Information

..can be dangerous.
Kayrin yesterday went into the operating theatre for the first time, with a pebble up her left nostril. A yellow one, about the size of those giant-sized kidney beans.
I just broke down when the anaesthetist knocked her out with general anaesthesia. She was so trusting, breathing into the mouthpiece as told by the nurse, garbed in her little green gown. She wanted to know why she's in green while the rest of us were in blue. Her curiosity amused everyone. Must be her curiosity too that got her to stuff that pebble up her nostril.
It all began at about 12:30 p.m. for me. For Shaw Feng, it started earlier. They were already in Sunway Hospital, with ENT specialist, Dr. Koay Cheng Boon, being summoned there.
Dr. Koay couldn't remove the pebble after a few tries, and decided that Kayrin needed GA to be able to have the offending object taken out. That started our wait for the procedure to take place at 4 p.m., about six hours after her breakfast in order for her to digest her roti canai.
It was a wonder to see her open her eyes after the surgery, and to immediately thank and wave away the anaesthetist, Dr. Tan. The cheeky girl, upon being wheeled back into Room 510, pronounced herself famished and asked for food. She sat on bed munching Jacob's cream crackers, keeping it all to herself, then moved over to the sofa to be with daddy. While eating, she asked, "Where are we going next?".

And my explanation of why this happened is, it began on Saturday, March 24. Kayrin woke up sniffling so we immediately shepherded her to her paediatrician's, where Kayrin insisted on no jab and no nose drop. Dr. Wong, ever patient, took out a diagram of the nose, mouth and ears, explaining that there are holes in the nose for the medicine to go in.
This, I think, prompted the little girl to want to `explore' her nose! After all, she's been playing with pebbles for months and months, since we had the fish pond installed in the little garden patch last year. Well, a little knowledge could be dangerous.

Thank God we could say that Kayrin recovered well. Though Shaw Feng figures he's now got a bit of a cold, something he caught when trying to suck out the pebble from Kayrin's nose.

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