Monday, March 05, 2007

Show-House Tour

We spent Sunday morning checking out show houses in Bukit Jelutong and Denai Alam. Not truly a house-hunting trip. Kayrin loves looking at model homes, the kind encased in plastic and placed atop a table, with the roof peeled off. She simply likes staring at them. May be because they are toy-like?
For me, this trip was to exorcise the need to `upgrade' to a bigger home. As Shaw Feng pointed out, it's just the three of us + a maid, so not much of a need for a huge home. That, of course, brings me to the current need: To clean up the house and unpack the last of three boxes from our move from Singapore in March 2005! Well, guess if we aren't moving to a bigger house, we need to make space within our current one. That means I have to clear my wardrobe of lots of clothes too.
At least the current home is `mine, not yours or yours,' as Kayrin would loudly declare. It doesn't belong to any bank, for that I'm happy to say.

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