Monday, July 16, 2007

Being Malaysian

I loathe to defend this country. This, after all, is the country that treats me like a second-class citizen. But when others start saying how another country is better compared with MY country (note the brilliant me, with a pun on my and MY), I'd like to come to this country's defense a little.
Malaysians aren't the most courteous lot. But when it comes to "guan xi" (relations), we win hands down.
Yesterday, I was buried in my book while attempting to take a train home. Not paying attention to the complicated Ampang-train-now-Sri-Petaling-next, I hopped on and some 20 minutes later, looked up to see I'm in Cempaka station. Wrong station, wrong line. That means I have to pay, get out, cross to the opposite side of the train and pay again to make my way back to right station.
Instead, the guard let me out without my swiping my ticket and the other guard let me in without my paying too. How's that for great service. or the Malaysian touch. I wouldn't want them on my payroll if I was an employer but it was good for me as a passenger, a Malaysian.

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