Monday, July 02, 2007

Lost in Translation

Things about Kayrin, age 4 years and almost 5 months:
1) She loves playing with make-up, and so SaSa is a must-enter, so that she can dip her fingers in the samples of eye colours. That means mommy has to carry her as she's too short to reach those display of magical, shimmery powder!
2) She adores her cousin Ivan, and would want to hold Ivan's hand when they are out together.
3) She attracts mosquitoes like ants are to honey!
4) She translates into Cantonese whatever phrases she knows in English, for the benefit of her mah-mah and yeh-yeh. Yesterday, back from Bukit Jalil Park, she told yeh-yeh that she just went to the park that has "mao-mao fish."
Sure cracks Shaw Feng and I up! It's her translation for catfish.
5) She's learned the phrase "funky," to my amazement. Two days ago, when showing her the gym clothes that I'd bought, she described one as "funky." Floored me, thoroughly.

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