Monday, August 11, 2008

Three As and Three Es

I'm making this my mantra for now, where SF is concerned. It was given by Paul J, someone I go to to reflect on my doings, my behaviour, myself. Paul says:
Increase the 3 As:
..and reduce the 3 Es:
Emergency (or urgency).
These should make me a better partner. I crave attention but am I giving the same? The not-so-nice bit about me is that, I also have huge expectations when I give affection or attention. If I remember these 3 As and 3 Es, I'd be better to live with, I hope. So let me report back on this two or three months down the road. That's how long before I forget my resolve, based on the frequency of rows at home!

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CK Lam said...

I like your idea of the Three As and Three Es...especially reducing ones ego. Thanks for sharing it.