Thursday, August 07, 2008

Your Spouse, Your Friend

Do you see your spouse as your friend? We all started as friends, but how many, after grandly and happily signing on the dotted line, think of the other half as the best friend?
It's a nice, warm feeling inside when we first get to use "my husband" or "my wife" in conversations. Then it all gets too ingrained in us all. And so the friend faded into the background as our role as the husband or wife comes to fore.
Here's for you:

A friend's message gets promptly replied,
My text messages fly out of sight;
A friend's birthday greetings makes you pleasantly surprised,
Mine -- I wasn't even sure it arrived;

A hotel's birthday cake was a delight; worth a mention to all alike,
Mine, the night before, was perhaps a little too slight;
While waiting to get onto the clouds, you update the world on your whereabouts,
But to let me know, that's a chore you'd prefer to do without;
It's fun to comment on pictures of friends' hotels and holiday meals,
Yet too much to ask about my daily 59-minute traffic ordeal.

So here's a plea,
Perhaps you could reach for me
upon waking,
And not pick up the super-duper phone
to know what's buzzing;

Cos I'm a friend when we're biking around,
Perhaps I can still stay one now
We laughed, and each moment was treasured
as an ode to a best friend found.

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