Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Annie Lennox

I used to find Ms Lennox's androgynous dressing hard to accept when I first heard of her music and laid eyes on her in 1984. That was the year I had to take a school bus after the freedom of taking the public bus to school a year earlier. And the school bus driver, a rather young rougish uncle had fancied playing the Grammy award nominees' music day in day out. So there were..
1) Beat It by Michael Jackson (I didn't find it that inspirational)
2) Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (Failed to get the message)
3) Uptown Girl by Billy Joel (Thought it was cute and has a snappy tune)
4) Karma Chameleon by Boy George (now, his cross dressing I find amusing and the song I loved singing to)
That's all I can recall for now. But now I find Ms. Lennox's voice spine-chilling sometimes and her songs great. Her rendition of `A Whiter Shade of Pale' is perfect in that she does it her way but what is simply haunting is `No More I Love Yous'. So here I am, Ms. Lennox, a fan after more than two decades of first hearing strains of your lilting voice.

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