Monday, October 01, 2007

Malls versus Nature

When Kayrin moved back to KL, I told myself I wouldn't make her a mall rat. I didn't want a kid who hangs out at malls from the age of 2 (that's how old the little one was when we came home in April 2005).
In Singapore, with no luxury of a car, she and I went for long walks. Kayrin in a stroller and me pushing her around. We went all the way down the ECP, strolled down Siglap to the Siglap Linear Park, ventured to Bedok's nurseries, climbed pedetrian bridges to get to ECP and dawdled our way to beef noodles at Marine Parade.
Back home, there are cars to ferry us around. The old white Proton Iswara (WEG 2614) to start with, and graduating to the S40 and now in addition to the Volvo, the A-class. With these cars, we hardly push her out anymore. And I'm starting to realize how it's so much easier to drive into a covered car park, unload the stroller and push her into a place with temperate climate..25 degrees Celsius.
The other option is to go in search of nature..farther away, hotter, more humid and possibly infested with mosquitoes. And forget not, the lack of clean toilets! Urgh. What is green, great jungles without strategically positioned toilets for nature's calls! Here's a challenge to myself then, to get away from these malls a little. Let's see what I can achieve in the next four days, when I get a break!

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