Monday, October 29, 2007

Food Hankering

I'm thinking about Japanese food to satiate me, as I sit here, not yet done after more than 10 hours of working straight through without a break. Tonkatsu (pork deep-fried with batter) would be greatly appreciated now. The piece of tender pork is served with a large heap of shaved cabbage, and a thick, dark kind-of-sweet sauce. To eat the tonkatsu, pound the fragrantly-roasted sesame seeds and pour in the dark sauce. Then dip the tonkatsu in that sauce and bite into the succulent piece. Ummmmm. There's another vinegar-tasting clear dribble for the cabbage. The combination is awesome. And oh, there's a bowl of sticky rice to go with it all too. I always overeat when I get to that tonkatsu restaurant in Marunouchi Building, Tokyo.
Tokyo is now my most-visited foreign destination, and I'm starting to realize the potential this place holds. There are great shopping, even amidst the super-expensive Ginza. Uniqlo is my favourite. A big store of at least 4 stories, the selection of casual wear is amazingly cheap! The brand has been called the "Gap of Japan." At Uniqlo, sweaters were even cheaper than what we get here in Malaysia. And the range is amazing..I confess: I made three trips there over the five nights I spent in Tokyo in November 2006. I came home with two below-the-knee-length winter jackets for myself, two colourful sweaters for Shaw Feng, two knitted sweaters for I-haven't-decided-who, and a pair of cut-offs for myself. Who'd think Tokyo would make for great shopping eh?

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