Monday, October 22, 2007


Friends come and go, according to the wise, old folks. I've had many of my friendships fizzle out. Sometimes due to my moving away, friends migrating and at times, by our growing apart. Through the years, I've always believed that women are better at forging friendships that last. But I realize it's a misconception that I have.

Shaw Feng's friendship with Heng Hou outlasts all of mine. They've known each other and stood by one another for a longer time compared with my relationship with Shaw Feng. And yes, Shaw Feng and I dated more than a decade before we got married.

It makes me ponder what friendships are about. I figure this is what it means:

Knowing who you can call when you're in a fix, even if you haven't had a chat or coffee to catch up in the past 12 months.

So here's a toast to the likes of Heng Hou, whose friendship has "spilled over", and is someone I know can call upon, for anything!

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