Thursday, October 18, 2007

Money Tips

I'd like to think I'm pretty money-savvy. OK, may be when I'm not undergoing retail therapy, buying four pairs of the same kind of shoes, three tees of the same design. In different colours, mind you.

At other times, I'm very happy punching in the figures to see how much of interest savings I'm getting by pre-paying my mortgages. Definitely not too complicated. Calculators abound. I get a kick out of plugging in bigger and bigger numbers under the pre-payment column and seeing interest payment dropping or payment period being shortened considerably!

Some mortgage calculators...


Getting rid of that mortgage is worth crowing about, at least to the other half. Yup, I did a lot of self-praising and fished for them from Shaw Feng when the current mortgage was paid off in January this year.
Then, guess what, we tasted the financial freedom for a while and went off looking at bigger homes. Mmm, they are nice to look at but I keep pulling myself back into reality. Or at least I'm making Shaw Feng pull me back from going into debt again!

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